Tess and Konrad
Tess and Konrad Tess: MA Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence, NCH at Northeastern University; Konrad: PhD Student, Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford

Welcome to the AI Journey

Welcome to the AI Journey

It is with enormous pleasure that we welcome you to this website dedicated to discussing the future of AI regulation.

The roots of this project lie somewhere between London, Oxford and Venice.

In March 2022, members of the University of Oxford and Goodenough College met in Venice to discuss their ideas about the regulation of AI. The Colloquium assembled researchers working in AI, philosophy, legal regulation and public policy to consider how best the development of AI might be framed and regulated across different governments and societies. The gathering allowed for genuine cross-disciplinary exchange as participants were tasked in presenting and discussing there area of specialty. The Colloquium was facilitated by three leading figures in the fields of AI (Sir Nigel Shadbolt), Science (Dr. Julie Maxton) and of Law (The Rt. Hon Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury), and all participants contributed fully and generously at the sessions.

In the following weeks, we look forward to sharing their thoughts and reflections with you.

Tess and Konrad (Editors of this website)